My favorite part of the day!... creating the memories that you will show your friends, families, kids, grandkids... for perhaps many lifetimes. It is my honor to have the privilege to create breathtaking portraits of the two of you in such a way that I have captured your wedding day exactly how you've remembered it.


Since your wedding party is most likely a compilation of your closest peeps, I try to capture the fun that everyone has together through out the day in the photos. I truly enjoy getting to know everyone and joking around so hopefully you'll let me in to your group for the day as your honorary peep so we can all loosen up and have a blast together!


The dress, flowers, rings, shoes, decorations, the cake, your guest book, that old broach attached to your bouquet that your grandmother used to wear when you were a little girl... you spend sometimes an entire year planning out all the little details that will go into your big day that is over in a matter of hours. I spend my day looking for opportunities to photograph those little details in unique ways to accent how meaningful they were for you.


There have been very few first looks where I haven't teared up.  Thinking about it gives me goosebumps because it is just so special. If you plan to see each other before the wedding, I highly recommend taking this memorable moment together... alone... well bring me!... and give yourselves 10 minutes together because the rest of the day will fly on by before you know it and you may not get 10 more. 


Rule #134 on why you should pick a photographer who is educated and uses professional equipment... THE CEREMONY! When your officiant says to your photographer- sorry no flash photography and you're going to have to stay in the back of our beautiful darkly lit church, well that's why I bring the big guns. There isn't a situation I'm not equipped to handle. 


ok LET'S PARTY! Everything is pretty laid back from here on out. There's a little cake smashing, face stuffing, tear jerking speeches, boogieing... maybe by the guests, maybe by me- not gonna lie. I just love weddings! I hope you don't mind if I come dance with you while I take your picture!