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1:1 Mentoring & Training


Before Booking a Session:


A little bit about Kristen:

I'd like to consider myself a very laid back photographer who has endless patience for your little ones. I guarantee you that your patience may run out long before mine start to. I pride myself on being very flexible with requests. I'm often the first person to get to hold your little one for such an extensive time. I consider this a great honor. I love meeting new people and getting to know my clients. It is important to me that you feel extremely comfortable during your session.


How do I book a session?

Booking a session with us is simple - email us directly at kristen@herber.com. Note that your session time slot will not be reserved until you have signed your portrait contract. For newborn sessions, you must also pay your $50 retainer fee.

How soon ahead should I book my session?

For portrait sessions: We recommend reaching out 3-4 weeks prior to when you want to book your session date. You are more than welcome to reach out sooner, however; due to the nature of Kristen's full-time job, she is unable to confirm an exact session date and time sooner than 4 weeks prior.

For newborn sessions: We recommend contacting us at least one to two months before your due date for the best availability and we request that you give us your guess date for our calendar board. We understand that the actual birth date is unpredictable but this prevents us from overbooking our clients. Please still contact us if you are looking to book a session within a week. Cancelations and early births do happen so we may have availability. Your session spot will be held once we receive your $50 deposit which will be subtracted from the cost of your session package. Once your baby is born, simply contact us by any method you prefer and we'll send you our upcoming availability for the following 10 or so days from after you leave the hospital (later schedules available upon request). If you choose to circumcise your son, please schedule your session prior to the procedure or no less than 5 days after. Scheduling is first come first serve so we recommend providing us with your top two time slots. We only take morning newborn sessions between the hours of 7:30 - 9:30 AM. Newborns are traditionally more sleepy in the AM, allowing for the best experience. Kristen does work a full-time consulting job, however, her schedule is extremely flexible.


How old is too old to photograph my newborn?

A lot of photographers state they will only photograph newborns that are under two weeks of age. Here at Kristen Herber Photography, we have nearly 20 years of experience and have success getting heirloom-quality newborn styled images at up to 6 weeks of age. We don't recommend photographing your baby younger than 10 days old due to sore belly buttons preventing tummy photos. Circumcision healing can also prevent poses so we recommend waiting at least 5 days post procedure. Additionally, the older your child is, the harder it becomes to squish them into some of the more complicated poses (such as the froggy pose) as well as the stronger your child is, the less safe some poses and props can become. At Kristen Herber Photography, we put your child's safety first and will only choose poses and props we feel will be safe based on your child's developmental stage. 


What are your hours?

We primarily operate Monday - Friday from sun up to sun down and reserve weekends for photographing weddings and personal events. If weekends are your only option and our schedule permits, an additional $100 service charge will be added to your sitting fee for Saturday or Sunday. Are weekends are much more available during winter and early spring months.


Where is the studio and what is it like:

Our studio is currently located on the lower level of Kristen's home in Oakdale, MN. In the past, we had space in downtown, St Paul but due to city renovations and reduced parking, moving the studio into our own home has been a truly positive experience for all. The studio is VERY SMALL and only large enough for babies, small children, and simple small family photos. It is not an extravagant studio but it allows us to keep our pricing affordable.


When and how do I pay for my session?

The sitting fee is due PRIOR to starting your session. We accept cash, check, Venmo, PayPal friends and family,  or direct deposit. We are not able to accept credit cards at this time. If you are unable to pay at your session, please make arrangements prior to your session date and your final images will not be available to preview until the sitting fee has been paid. A $50 retainer fee is required for booking newborn sessions.


Props, outfits, colors, and special requests?

Kristen is a propaholic. When she walks into a store, her brain often first wonders if she could put a baby in or on that item. You are welcome to request to use anything we have - please make requests one week prior to your session date. Additionally, you are more than welcome to bring along anything special you'd like to use. You must inform us of these items at least 72 hours before your session date so that we can coordinate matching backgrounds or other items before your arrival. It is our goal for you to not have to wait for us during your session so we do lots of planning beforehand.  If you have favorite colors or nursery colors you'd like to use, let us know at least one week prior to your session and we will look through our items to see if we own anything that meets your request. You are welcome to send us your favorite Pinterest ideas. We try to not duplicate the images but it will give us a good idea of the style of photos that most interest you. Additionally, please feel free to also request a simple session with no props or just a blanket. These can be some of the most beautiful images and keep the focus on baby.


Can we add family or sibling photos with our child's portrait session?

Yes, we offer packages that include family photos for both our newborn and milestone sessions. Family photos are only allowed with session packages that state they are optionally included - no acceptions. Family photos require much more time to prepare and setup, take much more expensive drops and floors, and take much longer to edit; therefore, they are only offered in our Heirloom newborn and milestone packages. These images will be part of your overall edited photos. The number of people who will be photographed as well as the ages of all children must be divulged and agreed upon before we book your session.  Please do not surprise us with unexpected family members. A lot of artistry and planning go into preparing for your session; the location, equipment needed, time, prep, and amount of editing is very different for a child portrait session than a family session.

Do you offer 'fresh 48' sessions?

Yaaasss! However, they are based upon our availability. Due to the nature of being on call for an extended period of time and only having a 48 hour or less window to photograph you while you are in the hospital; these sessions are a higher investment than our in-studio newborn sessions. We LOVE last minute requests so don't hesitate to reach out! 


About Your Session:


I have booked my session, now what?

A few days prior to your session, we will send you a session reminder email or newborn prep guide. This email will include directions to the studio or outdoor location, suggestions of what to bring with you, and what to expect during your session. If you would like to discuss session ideas prior to this time, please don't hesitate to reach out. All special requests must be communicated at least one week prior to your session day.


Can I send you my Pinterest board?

Sure! We would love to get a visual idea of what you are looking for. We try our best to accommodate your request but do know that we pride ourselves in our own creativity and will not copy other photographers work. We are not able to accommodate digital drops or anything we deem unsafe for your child or us. Please send us or add us to your Pinterest board at least one week prior to your session. Our business profile is linked to kristen@herber.com.

I booked family photos, now what the heck do we wear?

Haha! I get this question all...the...time! Not all of us are amazing personal stylists - including me! So I have put together a great blog post of ideas including what to avoid. You can find it HERE!


Do you have any suggestions on where we should do our outdoor portraits?

Oh boy, do I! But there are so many great options that it is even hard for me to choose! Check out some of our favorite locations at the link below but please don't feel any obligation to choose one of them. We can make heirloom quality portraits literally anywhere so pick a spot that is sentimental to you! And we LOVE when we get to shoot at new locations!

Is there a limit on how long my session can be, how many photos you will take, or outfits I may bring?

Time allotment and outfit changes are determined by the package you choose. Often times, babies and children are good at telling us when it's time to wrap things up. We always recommend starting with your most important photo first in case your child decides they want to quit earlier than expected. The amount of photos I take during a session varies greatly but we always get plenty of good ones to fill you package allotment.


Newborn Digital Images

Kristen Herber Photography strives to keep up to date with the most current trends while keeping photo sessions affordable to you. Most of our photos that include elaborate props such as wreaths filled with flowers or feathers, are actually digital composites. These stunning images take meticulous detail in editing and significant time to craft. Digital images are available for purchase for a $50 per image. If you choose the keepsake package, baby will be wrapped in the composite photo.


How many photos do I get to pick from and how many edited photos will I receive?

During a mini session, we may take as many as 50 photos, whereas, during an average session, we may take up to 200 photos. We work hard to narrow down your selection to the best images by eliminating duplicates, bloopers, eyes closed, and only keeping the happiest of smiling faces. For mini sessions, we generally offer 10-20 photos to choose from; whereas luxe and heirloom sessions may have as many as 50. The amount of edited images you will receive is determined by the package you select. Additionally, each photo is also offered in black and white.

Can I choose to buy additional images from my gallery?

Yes! We understand that sometimes clients might fall in love with more photos than they were expecting so we do offer the ability to purchase additional images from your gallery. When you receive your proofing gallery, it will include info and pricing for purchasing extra photos.



We understand that life happens. People get sick, and things go wrong. If you need to reschedule for any reason, please try to give us 48 hrs notice. If you happen to fall ill on the day of your session, please reschedule. We work every day with all age groups and cannot risk passing on anything to our beloved clients. Your photos will look better if you are feeling well-rested and at your best! We rarely allow weather rescheduling because after all, we do live in Minnesota so we love to embrace whatever weather it decides to be that day. If it is down pouring and sideways rain that hinders our photo session, we can without a doubt reschedule.



Please plan enough time to get to your session. Whether that be getting the kids ready or navigating through rush hour traffic. If you are running late, please call us. We respect every single client's time and put an incredible amount of effort into scheduling and planning a session, so please respect ours. If you have a 60-minute session scheduled and you are 20 minutes late, you will then have a 40-minute session. We, of course, understand unforeseen circumstances such as unexpected illness or accidents. If we are late, we will communicate that with you and your session time will not be affected.  



If you no-call no-show, we will not schedule with you again. Please be mindful that when we block off a time slot for you, we are holding that spot for only you. Therefore, we are not able to schedule someone else. We will not tolerate no-call no-show clients.



After Your Session:


When will my photos be ready?

Kristen Herber Photography strives to have your portraits ready to view and order within 3-4 weeks after your session. However, due to the level of attention we provide to your images, your wait may be longer. Additionally during our peak season (August-October it can be up to 6 weeks.) We appreciate your patience!  Once your photos are completed, we will upload them to a secure client portal. You will then receive an email that they are ready to view.


When will I receive my order?

Please allow 2 weeks for delivery, 12 days for pickup orders.  Please allow 3-4 weeks for all customer products such as albums and canvases.


Can I order my photos using my mobile device?

Yes! Our new client portal is mobile friendly!


Can I post my photos on Social Media?

In accordance with the digital copyright act, you may only do so only if you have written permission from our studio which is granted with all of our packages that include digital images. This copyright grants permission to post images on social media, however, all photos posted at all times MUST include either a link to our website or a tag to our social media business page in the description or comments, including when used for profile images. Failure to do so is in direct violation of the digital copyright act and is subject to a lawsuit.


How long do I have to order and will the pricing ever change?

Due to the volume of clients, we have orders available on the client portal for 1 month. We guarantee archival of your digital images for 6 months from gallery posting date. Pricing is locked for 6 months from your session date. After this time, it is subject to change, as well as availability.


What if I had a bad experience or don't like how my pictures turned out?

We do not want any of our clients walking away feeling like they have had a negative experience or are disappointed in their photos. Please inform us within 30 days of receiving access to your gallery if you are unhappy with our service, images, or final product. We will gladly work with you to find the best option for correcting any issues. We welcome and encourage all feedback.


Congratulations on your pregnancy! Undoubtedly you are entrenched in a multitude of options and decisions for your precious little bundle. You’ve likely spent hours researching and reading reviews about which baby monitor to purchase/which car seat to buy/cloth vs. disposable diapers and so on. But when it comes to selecting a newborn photographer in Minnesota to document your sweet little babe’s first portraits, do you know what to look for? 

Picking a newborn photographer can be overwhelming.   Most potential clients and past clients tell me that two major things factor into them selecting a photographer. Style and price. I completely agree. It is important to have images of your little one that you love the style of. Secondly, let's face it. Babies are expensive, and a photography session is another expense to add to that long list.

It is easy to become overwhelmed with options and focus on a pretty gallery, price or product as the differentiating factor. However, there are many factors and questions you should be examining when seeking a professional to document your baby’s newborn photography session in the Twin Cities. 

I also encourage people to consider the safety of their baby. The background of the photographer, experience, and training should also factor in. Spending a little more money to make sure your new baby is safe is always worth it.

Currently, there are no required trainings, certificates, or requirements to be a newborn photographer. Every newborn photographer will have different education, training, experience, and standards in place. They can range from someone that just picked up a camera to someone with years of experience.

With that in mind, I wanted to take a moment to talk about what I do assure newborns are safe and happy during our session.

Training / Education

I have taken numerous newborn photography workshops, educational courses, and trainings. Newborn photography is my passion, and understand the importance of continuing education.  I have been trained by local photographers, as well as photographers from across the country and world. I continue to invest in training annually that not only betters me as a photographer, but assures that I am providing the best experience for my newborn clients – and their families.

Baby’s Cues

Having photographed over 200 babies, I am always watching them for cues during the session and pick up on them quickly. From the baby being too hot or cold, limitations on poses, circulation issues, and airway concerns. I will never force a baby into a pose. I also have experience photographing babies with limited mobility (from broken clavicles to babies with hip dysplasia that required a harness and even portable O2 tanks). With my extensive experience photographing babies in the NICU, there isn't any situation that I can't adapt to create beautiful portraits.


The safety of your baby is more important to me than any pose. Many of the poses you see on social media and Pinterest are composites. Meaning they are a number of images combined to create the illusion that the baby is doing something on their own.  Parents often comment that they had no idea it was multiple images combined and thought the baby was posed that way. It is continually heartbreaking the number of stories I read about where an uneducated photographer posed a newborn unsafely, causing lifelong permanent damage to the newborn.

When shooting above a newborn, I always wear a neck strap so that if the camera were to fall, your baby would not be injured. Newborns have sudden reflexes which can be quite dangerous. At no time will your baby be left unattended. If I need to step away, a parent will always be asked to spot. If your baby is posed in a position where a sudden reflex jump could cause injury, a parent is always asked to assist by placing one hand gently on the baby.

Prop Choices

I always pick props with babies in mind.   While many antique items are adorable props, I am always sure to consider safety concerns, like lead paint or rust on items. The risk of these types of props is not worth it to me. I never place babies directly onto props. There is always a soft layer or two between the baby and hard props. I do not use props that can easily break, like glass or ceramics. I also make sure that any prop that could possibly tip, has weights on the bottom to assure your baby is safe and the prop will stay upright.

CPR Certification

I am trained in CPR, and more importantly infant and pediatric CPR and Heimlich maneuver. While I hope that it is never needed in a session; I feel better knowing I have the training to handle the situation.

Studio Policy

As already stated, the safety of your baby is more important to me than any pose. I reserve the right to say no to any requested pose I feel to be unsafe. Every newborn's comfort level is different. While posing your little one, if they show any signs of discomfort, I will immediately move on to the next pose. No questions asked.


I encourage you to consider more than style and price while choosing a newborn photographer. By no means am I saying you have to hire me (even though I would love to photograph your growing family). I am just highlighting the things other than style and price that should be considered when shopping around for a newborn photographer.

You have a precious little one, and you need to take proper steps to keep them safe. Please don’t put your baby at risk!


COPYRIGHT INFORMATION: All images are copyrighted by Kristen Herber Photography. Any unauthorized use of these images may violate copyright laws, trademark laws, the laws of privacy and publicity, and communications regulations and statutes. A purchased photograph may not be used in any publication, reproduced, in part or whole, displayed (including on social media), or manipulated in any way without the prior written permission of Kristen Herber Photography. All images are the property of Kristen Herber Photography and thus Kristen Herber Photography reserves the right to use any image for display, publication, or other purposes.

Images may not be copied in any manner without written authorization from Kristen Herber Photography. Unauthorized copying, printing, or scanning images from any online sources such as our website, blog, Facebook page or from any physical materials including prints, press printed materials and canvases, regardless of the intent for use, is considered a violation of copyright laws and violations will be prosecuted under current copyright laws.

SESSION FEE: The session fee pays for our time and talent during your photo shoot, as well as the careful hand selecting and editing of each session image. It also covers your online image gallery and select digital images as outlined by the session package you choose.

PHOTOSHOPPING OF IMAGES: All images include basic editing. Advanced editing is only done by request and editing rates start at $20 per image or $20 per 15 minutes of photoshop work. Please keep this policy in mind prior to feeding your child snacks simultaneously to us taking photos. :-)

RESCHEDULING: We understand that life happens. People get sick, and things go wrong. If you need to reschedule for any reason, please try to give us 48 hrs notice. If you happen to fall ill the day of your session, please reschedule. We work every day with all age groups and cannot risk passing on anything to our beloved clients. Your photos will look better if you are feeling well rested and at your best! We rarely allow weather rescheduling because after all, we do live in Minnesota so we love to embrace whatever weather it decides to be that day. If it is down pouring and sideways rain that hinders our photo session, we can without a doubt reschedule. Kristen Herber Photography reserves the right to reschedule within 24 hours of the session.

TARDINESS: Please plan enough time to get to your session. Whether that be getting the kids ready or navigating through rush hour traffic. If you are running late, please call us. We respect every single client's time and put an incredible amount of effort into scheduling and planning a session, so please respect ours. If you have a 60-minute session scheduled and you are 20 minutes late, you will then have a 40-minute session. We, of course, understand unforeseen circumstances such as illness or accidents. If we are late, we will communicate that with you and your session time will not be affected.  

CANCELATIONS: If you no-call no-show, we will not schedule with you again. Please be mindful that when we block off a time slot for you, we are holding that spot for only you. Therefore, we are not able to schedule someone else. We will not tolerate no-call no-show clients.

PHOTOGRAPHIC RENDERING: While we do capture many images during your session, you will see only those images selected by the photographer for previewing in the quantity as dictated by your package selection. Images with eyes closed, heads turned, duplicates, etc. will not be shown and are removed from our archives permanently. All images are photographed in color but are available in black and white for no additional charge.

SESSION ORDERS: We require full payment for prints and products at the end of your ordering session (via cash, check, or credit). No order will be designed or submitted until paid in full. Online galleries, blog posts, and social media sneak peeks will not be posted until all payments are made.

ALL SALES FINAL: Due to the custom nature of this work, all sales are final. No substitutions, exchanges or refunds are available after placing your order. Replacement will only be given in the case of damage caused by Kristen Herber Photography.

LIMIT OF LIABILITY: If Kristen Herber Photography cannot perform its contract due to fire or another casualty, strike, act of God, or other cause beyond the control of the parties, or due to Photographers illness or emergency, then the Photographer shall return any deposit or pro-rated session fee to the client but shall have no further liability with respect to the contract. This limitation on liability shall also apply in the event that photographic materials are damaged in processing, lost through camera or media malfunction, lost in the mail, or otherwise lost or damaged without fault on the part of the Photographer. In the event the Photographer fails to perform for any other reason, the Studio/Photographer shall not be liable for any amount in excess of the retail value of the Clients order.

PHOTOGRAPHER USAGE: Unless specified in writing, the client gives Kristen Herber Photography permission to use all images from your session, including behind-the-scenes audio, video and still images and social media live feeds, without or without name identification, in all media formats for advertising and marketing purposes.

TRAVEL: Travel fees may apply (15-mile radius from Oakdale, MN is included unless otherwise stated), $0.56 per mile thereafter. Mileage fee is in accordance with IRS and MN state mileage rates and subject to change).

DIGITAL IMAGES: Kristen Herber Photography provides photographic prints and products, color corrected & calibrated to print EXACTLY as we see on our Kristen Herber Photography computer monitor, by our professional print lab. Any digital photos you see (on our website, blog, social media sites, or that have been provided directly to you) may vary from their intended appearance, depending on your computer's monitor and settings.    

Kristen Herber Photography cannot guarantee the results or quality of prints made by clients or by clients' chosen labs. For consistent, quality results made to last a lifetime, please purchase your prints directly from Kristen Herber Photography.  Digital files purchased or provided are for personal archival purposes. We include a print release for photographic prints only, in sizes 16x20" and smaller.

Please back up all digital copies of your photographs. We recommend an external hard drive or flash drive. Kristen Herber Photography will make every effort to retain your files for up to 6 months from the date of your session.



We're open! for both indoor and outdoor sessions - with a few new precautions set in place.

FOR INDOOR SESSIONS: We want you to rest assured that our studio is a safe place for several reasons. Firstly, we have already experienced COVID-19 in our home, therefore, we feel our antibodies make us uniquely safe from spreading Corona to your loved ones. We are by appointment only and serve one family at a time. We are not considered a large gathering place which also gives us time to clean between sessions. This leads us to the most important thing- Cleanliness. Even before this virus happened our policy was and will continue to be a very clean and sanitized environment. We wash or sanitize all fabrics, blankets, wraps, outfits, toys, and more after each session. We use all-natural plant-based organic cleaning products to protect your children's sensitive skin. Items that can not be washed or sprayed are placed in the dryer on high heat for at least 30 minutes to kill all germs. Additionally, we run an UltraHEPA Ion air filtering system prior to arrival to ensure all airborne bacteria have been removed from the air. We wash and sanitize our hands before, many times during and after each session, and encourage studio guests to as well. All surfaces will continue to be cleaned and disinfected even more than normal. *** UPDATE: If you would prefer for me to wear a mask during your session, I am only able to do so for mini or keepsake sessions. Due to my health conditions, breathing in warm air from masks quickly gives me migraines and makes me extremely lightheaded. I passed out during a session and am no longer able to make exceptions to this. Note that our studio is small so we will be within 10 feet of you during sessions. (see additional info at the bottom). Additionally, due to the high temperatures the studio is set to for newborns sessions, we are unable to wear a mask during any of these sessions.

FOR OUTDOOR SESSIONS: We wear a face covering when we are within 6 feet of you for face to face discussions, prop moving, and help with posing. When shooting your photos, we use a long distance lens and often stand 15+ feet away. During this time we will have our mask off so that you can hear and understand directions. This also allows us to interact with your children who are much more likely to smile if they can see our smiling goofy face. If you are uncomfortable with this and small children will be a part of your session, we recommend scheduling your session with us once the pandemic has passed.

PRECAUTIONS: To reduce the likelihood of the spread of infectious diseases such as COVID-19, the following measures will be taken inside the studio:

  • All studio visitors will be asked to sanitize or wash hands when entering the studio. We will also be sanitizing our hands before touching your baby and periodically throughout the session.
  • Routine cleaning of frequently touched surfaces like doorknobs, light switches, tv remote, coffee station, camera equipment, etc. will take place. These surfaces will be sanitized before and after each session.
  • Fabric items (blankets, outfits, wraps, etc.) are laundered before each session.If a client is ill or showing any signs of respiratory illness, please let us know as soon as possible so that the session can be rescheduled. We will do our best to accommodate rescheduling a session if the client or we become ill.
  • To further prevent the spread of illness, the studio will only be open to parents and siblings… any other guests will not be permitted into the studio.
  • For NEWBORN sessions, siblings are welcome if family photos are included in the session package you have chosen. We will not allow any children, other than the child(en) being photographed, into the studio for any reason for all session types. Siblings who will be a part of newborn sessions will only be permitted in the studio during the time of their photos. Please arrange transportation for their arrival and departure.
  • If anyone exhibits signs or symptoms of illness while in the studio, the session will be rescheduled for another time. It is very important to let us know BEFORE the session or you might forfeit your session and retainer fee.
  • All of these measures are taken in order to protect ALL of our clients. Most of these practices are already implemented in the studio as standard practice.

While some of these policies may be considered harsh, we have decided to take a hard stand on limiting exposure of any illness to our clients. Thank you for your understanding, and for entrusting us in the care of your little one.

* * * Do note that Kristen suffers from several autoimmune disorders which causes her system to not work efficiently. One major component being the inability to sweat properly. Due to this, she is unable to wear a mask during newborn sessions. We keep our studio heated to 85 degrees for the comfort of the newborn and wearing a mask would put her at high risk of heat exhaustion and causes severe migraines. She has already experienced COVID-19, therefore, she is unlikely to be a carrier of this illness. It is impossible to achieve our high-quality images without being very close to your little one so if you feel at all uneasy about this disclosure, we understand your decision to seek out a different photographer.